Cyesha Coffee Plantation in Rwanda


CYESHA Coffee​

Cyesha Coffee Ltd is Rwandan coffee company which produces, processes and sells special coffee since its creation in 2018. The company mainly operates in Western Province of Rwanda, Nyamasheke district, Kanjongo Sector, Susa cell in Mugeyo Village where locates its Mugeyo Coffee Washing Station. The area is at 1890 meters of altitude in the neighborhood of Nyungwe National Park which is a protected natural forest which is rich in biodiversity. The altitude, type of soil and abundant rainfalls make the area more suitable to coffee farming and thus produces best quality coffee.

Mugeyo Coffee works with 278 coffee farmers of whom, 172 are women and 106 are men while 11% of them are youth. The company itself has established its own 14 ha coffee plantation where all good agricultural practices are applied and farmers learn best practices from it. The Company was created by a youngman, Mr. Gerard NKUNZURWANDA, 37years old who was born from a longtime coffee growing family. The love and commitment of his parents towards coffee farming activities has inspired him to engage in coffee activities at young age. Cyesha Coffee Ltd is managed by the team of 6 people with 6 coffees collectors and hires 106 casual workers during the coffee processing season and 20 workers who always maintain the company’s own coffee industrial plantation.

For quality enhancement, washing station regularly receives the technical assistance from Mr. William NIYITANGA, a certified Q Processing Professional and Lecturer of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) on Post Harvest Processing which helps the company to monitor all steps of processes comply with processing guidelines in order to ensure high-quality coffee is produced with the highest cupping score.  



The company aims at producing and selling high quality specialty coffee on international markets
• Use the international processing guidelines, accept customer feedbacks and make
innovations in order to process best quality and high value coffee which meets the needs
of the consumer
• Training farmers on good agricultural practices and render extension services to farmers
which enhances good coffee husbandry and increase coffee productivity and quality as
• Support the development of the community surrounding the coffee washing stations
through socio-economic activities; engaging women and youth and environmental
protection for the sustainability of the business.




Production capacity

Currently, Cyesha Coffee Ltd/Mugeyo Coffee produces 4 containers of fully washed coffee every
season and expects to increase the production considering ongoing expansion programs and
extension service delivered to farmers in order to increase coffee tree productivity. In the zone of
Mugeyo coffee washing station, there is a total of 322,048 coffee trees and most of them are still
young and the productivity will continue to increase as long as they become mature.

Coffee market

The company has exported one of the containers to Japan since 2018 whereas the remaining production has been sold locally to other exporters. The company keeps building trust and good relationships with buyers and it aims at selling all its production to the international market of specialty coffees across the globe. Within this regard, It is making effort in marketing, keep improving the quality, product diversification and is in the process of certification for Fair Trade and Organic in order to get new buyers


What We Offer

Coffee Plantation​

Cyesha Coffee Plantation in Mugeyo

Mugeyo Coffee washing station


Coffee Exportation

We do Export out side of Country